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There is no secret that we use Easyblog for Joomla from Stack Ideas to let people create and share their Posts with the world or friends.  For help, in how to use the tools, Youtube has a whole lot of them available.  Use the newer videos to get the most out of them.  We also use JCE Editor instead of the standard one for simplicity.  Choosing one for front end blogging is probably best.
Please Share this Everywhere When the second amendment was brought in, Our military had muskets firing black powder and lead balls.  Citizens had those same weapons.  "Same weapons" has never changed and should not change!   We may need them! Our country and forefathers realized the need for citizen's to be able to protect themselves
Free Political Blog Posting Everyone should be able to post their own political beliefs and to share what they know for other's benefit.  This waas built by ALDA Consulting just for that purpose.   We don't care what you party affiliation or if you are left++ or right++, You can post here We also do not care about your sexual orienttion o
How simple to get a background check on any Gun buyer.  We already have 95% of it in place by way of the credit checking companies. Entering by lenders cost $0  to submit and it should be the same with Police, Mental facilities, and other reporting entities.   Based on a numeric point system based on reporting, age and citizenship st