I put this site up for all the people with a voice so they could post their own Political Blog Post on Facebook, Twitter and others their own way with their own images and words.  I will keep it up and free as long as I live and physically able. 

I am 73 years old and a Democrat.  I am not a comunist or socialist as I have seen what that will do to our country and our people.  I am also a Southern Christian, but not a bigot or a racist.  My mama did not raise us that way.  

All conservatives are welcomed her as well as all races.  We also welcome those of any faith or none.  All sexual persuasion are welcome here.  

There is a share button below each blog so you can share your blog post to FB, Twitter and others.  There is also a comments section there.  You can comment if you like. 

Rudeness, BUllying, Slurs, Nudity or cursing will be removed and the bad Person may be permanently blocked.  

I will create a post or two as well.  When you see one of my blog posts, it really means I had a reason. 

 Special thanks to:

  1. af-sites.com for the hosting and domain name
  2. Joomla for the Fantastic CMS website
  3. Akeeba for the Great security and backup tools
  4. Easy blog for the blog plugin That is so easy to use
  5. JCE for the great content controls that works kind of like a word processor


If you can donate a bit to help offset the real costs of this site, please, but it is free anyhow