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Dim Democrat Story


The Real Democrat story as I See It

Why the Big Abortion move?

1.  The blacks are getting wize to the democrats and walking away!  #walkaway after generations of bring lied to and essentially treated as slaves.  This is a huge problem at the voting booth for upcoming elections.  Our black Americans no longer can trust democrats to do anything they promise during their campaigns.  

2. The largest effect of abortions are landed on the black community where around 58% of abortions will be done which lowers the black population to a degree.  It does not matter to the democrats since they are slowly losing the black vote anyhow.

3. Remember that Lyndon Johnson made the statement in the mid 1960's that the blacks were owned for 50 years by the democratic party and he was right.  That was just after a large freebie he set up so poor black people would get a lot of welfare for life. The time is up and "BLEXIT IS HAPPENING".

 Why help Illegal Aliens?

1. Democrats need them to replace the blacks at the voting booth after the "#Walk away" movement. They also keep the Republicans busy trying to stop illegals and keeps the public eye off other nefarious things they are doing.  Pretty slick, huh?

Whatever it takes, even murder?

1. Imagine Pelosi or her minions making a deal with China in Oct or November of 2019 to release a virus on other countries to destabalize them and ruin their economies.  How, simple, allow travel from origin of Wuhan to other countries and not to other parts of China.  That was the part that made me believe it was intentional.  Wuhan Virus actually started November 17, 2019 and not in January 2020.  Many people have died due to this virus and I call it murder!!!

The worst deal is

The Chinese, Iranians, Koreans and others have been told by one or more Democrats(Including John Kerry and Obummer) that things would go back to the old way of them stealing from us if Democrats win in November.  You can bet the money has already started to flow from these enemies straight to democrats running for office.  

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Monday, 13 July 2020
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