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First Biden Press Conference Sucked

Biden-blan_20210326-194341_1 Pedo Joe

No press conference has ever been this rotten

Having a list of liberal reporters to call in order?  Sounds like these reporters were fed the questions

to ask and the answers, or at least hints of the answers were in Bidens notes.  Notice no Conservative reporters were called on.  Now we may know why it took so long for the first press conference.  It took a long time for his crew(dems in congress) to figure out answers and how to fool our citizens.

       Calling these people reporters is wrong anyhow.  Liberal reporters are opinionists.  When tuning in to any news station, plug your ers and read the scroller coming across the page.  That will generally give the correct news.  Use your own judgement as to what is going on.  Never listen to the opinions of the idiots speaking. 

        It is being reported that Biden absolutely lied about the numbers all through his Press Conference Especially about the border.  




bidenand KKK

 Imagine if this poor child was your daughter?


















Biden, Joe Manchin and the KKK

Amendment needed-Short Read


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Tuesday, 07 December 2021
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