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Fix American energy

197175154_538256520666804_6938741107169778319_n Fix America

I love my country

America is the greatest place in the world to live and raise a family!!  I am 75 years old and see a few problems that can get worse or be taken care of. 

First and most important is the economy.  

This country runs and gts it's power on oil and and gas. The power produced by the oil and gas is essential for all else we do at this point.  All other supposed sources is limited by multiple factors.

We have enough petroleum in the ground to sustain our country for well over a hundred years

Biden and the Denocrats can fix most of the problems by removing the red tape they have put on oil companies so they can opperate.  Understanding that going through red tape takes time which costs oil companies money and employees working on this red tape which costs even more money.  Then there is the occasionqal palms to grease(democrat usually) just runs the cost still higher.  

Getting a lease is only the beginning.  Then they have to search for any oil on that land.  Then drill and ship the oil to a refineryif oil is actually found.  Each step is a huge expense.  If no oil is found, all spent to that point is lost.  


We need oil and gas even if we had no cars

Remember how much of our other materials are made by petrolem.  Just a small, example:  Tv's, computers, phones, furniture, cars, trucks, foods, and clothes.

Petrolem production was killed by Joe Biden and his handlers his first day in office 

Do not believe high prices were caused by the RAT Putin, the war and/or other. 

Of course removing gas vehicles will cause problems since most American's purchase used since they can not afford new or worse electric.  Look at the prices and you will agree.  Besides, Many, including me do not believe there is a climate crises that will end the world.  Mankind has lived through many phases of climate change with out serious problems.  Electric vehicles  do cause harm to the environment.

Cause the president and congress to reverse some decisions and free up the oil rich lands for exploration and 80+% of the nations problems will get back in order shortly after.   

We all need to put pressure on:

  1. Biden + Handlers
  2. Pelosi + her minions
  3. Schumer + his minions
  4. Congress - both U.S. houses
  5. All State govenors and state congresses
  6. George Soros


We MUST vote all democrats out of office this November to avoid starving our people and bankrupting our Great country!!!







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Monday, 27 June 2022
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