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God, Help America breathe-By a Policeman

We have to stand up and voice what is happening to our police!
Reposted from the page of a Pennsylvania State Policeman

 I can no longer grieve for George Floyd alone.

I grieve now also for AMERICA.
Terrorists set a homeless man's belongings on fire as he slept on the streets.
Terrorists beat a store owner unconscious, for defending his store. Left him for dead and he passes away from the injuries he sustained. Who grieves for him and his family?
Terrorists took the little hope that some small business owners, devastated by the coronavirus lockdown, still held for their future, and extinguished it.
Terrorists burned horses ALIVE, trapped in a horse trailer. 
Terrorists defaced monuments across this country including the Lincoln Memorial in DC and the Glory Monument in Boston.
Terrorists set fire to St. John's Church in Washington DC.
Terrorists set fire to a black owned sports bar, and then tried to steal what wasn't burned up.
Terrorists overturned a police car, and to add insult to injury, a woman climbs up on the overturned sqad car and takes a dump on it and is cheered on by other terrorists.
82 black people shot and 19 dead in Chicago this past weekend, and no one cares.
Police officers across the country, those you would call to help you in a time of need, are being randomly and openly assassinated, regardless of skin color, and no one seems to care.
First responders are barricaded in the streets, blocked from responding to a house set on fire with small children trapped inside and the crowd cheers.
Not one of these actions shows true grief or compassion, nor do they honor the death of an innocent man at the hands of a bully and his "squad".
No, I no longer grieve for Mr. George Floyd alone. I grieve for AMERICA.
And, right now, terrorists have their knee on the throat of AMERICA. And WE THE PEOPLE can't breathe.
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Monday, 13 July 2020
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