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How Russia Won


We are at WAR with Russia!


There are a lot of problems that were generated from our 2016 election.  Both sides are blaming the other for interfeance, meddling and collusion!  That plays right into the hands of Russia

Russia did not care who won in the election at all.  They're intent was to drive a wedge between Rich and Poor and between Liberals and Conservatives!  They did that because they want to drive the USA to communism.  To do that, is to break the economy and break the will and means to resist by our citizens. 

How they did most of it was to send subversive messages on facebook and other social media feeding propaganda for and against each party and their nominee, and the citizens against each other.  All done with blogs and Feeds all over our internet.  When checked, one would find they rarely came directly from Russia, but from satelite nations.    They have come from Russia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Ukrain and other as best as I can tell, by going to their blogs and then following back to find out what country they originated from. Many of their ads were paid for.  One minute stirring up the leftisdts and the next stirring up condervatives.  


Kruschev laid out the plan about 60 years ago.  Weaken our economy, get the poor and the rich divided, take our main defense by our 70 million person militia and their guns out of the picture, Get our 2-3 party system fighting against each other.  Flooding of our country with immigrants, Unfair tarrifs by other countries at Russia's direction are all in their plan.  They all serve their interests.  Division in our citizenry is the biggsst thing they can do to hurt us.  

Trump has given them blow after blow by Making tarrifs as a donto you what you are doing to us,  Raising our economy back to and exceeding what ws in our past.  Giving the military what they need and letting the Military have flexibility.  Getting the citizens back to working together may be the biggest challenge.  

We have to remember what the Russians are trying to do and join together as a people to counterract it.

Keep your guns and weapons close

Speak nicer to others

Stick to your beliefs

Go to Church will not hurt

Fix our education System

Vote out Socialism and communism representatives. 

I consider Bernie Sanders, Schumer, Pelosi,  Warren, Waters and a few othto be detrimental to our FREE future. 


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Thursday, 17 January 2019
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