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Here is the way Impeachment basically works

In the House of Representatives:

The House Judiciary Committee decides whether or not to proceed with impeachment.

The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee will propose a resolution calling for a formal inquiry.

The Judiciary Committee will send another resolution to the full House stating why impeachment is warranted or not.

The House will debate and vote on each Article of Impeachment.

Should any one of the Articles of Impeachment be approved by a simple majority vote, the President will be "impeached," however, there must still be a trial.

In the Senate:

The Articles of Impeachment are received from the House.

  1. The Senate formulates rules and procedures for holding a trial.
  2. A trial is held.
  3. The Senate will meet in private session to debate a verdict.
  4. The Senate, in open session, will vote on a verdict. A 2/3 vote of the Senate will result in a conviction.
  5. The Senate will vote whether to remove the President from office.


This is political suicide for the democrats on many levels.  Also, Pence would then be President and I am sure they would not be happy with that.  


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