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We are going to cover the memo, Obama, Schumer, Shutdown, Pay to Play, immigration, DACA and a few others.  This is all from a 71 year old retired master salesman that has follow politics since age 12.  One who reads what is happening instead of litening to others tell him what to think based on their interpretations of the news.  We will add more later 

one)  The Fisa memo file

We really have little to go on with this.  It is said that top officials in the FBI, and some in the Justice Department under the Attorney General of using FISA in a very bad way.  Using an unverified paper of so called facts to gain warrants to listen in on an elected President and his people is not legal and grouds for being fired and prosecuted.  Further, anything turned up is not admissable in a court case.  That means the mueller investigation may have been brought on illegally.  It means nothing he would turn up could be used against anybody.  If correct, he will be dismissed.  Of course all his work and our millions already paid could go up in smoke if he is fully tied to the Pay for Play investigetion currently going on(listed further down).


two)  Obama and The Deepstate- How it is impacting our congress and us

All the Democrats in Congress made an oath to ex-president Obama to obstruct and defy the republicans untill they had control again.  So far, a lot of it has backfired.  Obama still has a lot of his faithful in there pushing his agendas and protecting his legacy as well as trying to keep him out of jail.  Many democrats are now worried about their jobs because they are going against the people who voted for them back home.  That is just starting to break up their "STICK together" and a few are beginning to break off and will vote for good legislation, no matter the party sponsor. That is a good thing for The USA

three) The Schumer Shut Down and why he earned it.

It was a bad thing that the budget was not approve or even written last year.  We all pretty much agree on that.  Schumer tried to take advantage of the pending shutdown date and the fact a handful of republicn senators were freelancing for their own reasons and used it as an opportunity to push his own ideas about DACA.  Trump had all but garanteed daca to be worked ou. for the ilegals under that when he extended it so congress could legally work it out and pit it into law instead of as an executive order. Then a republican senator and a Dem senator took something to Trump in outline for(not a bill) to see if it would work.  Trump dismissed them since they had no bill written and had dissmissed the immigration all together.  It made Schumer and the Dems look like fools.    That caused Schumer the owner of the shutdown

four)The Wall - Significance and reasons

The wall is a rel thing and will signify to the whole world that we are a nation of borders and not part of a world order. It will stop a lot of the drug and human trafficing coming from and through Mexico.  We need that wall as much for the mental aspect as for the the physical part.  That with beefed up security forces and it all gets better. 

five) DACA and the real truth

DACA at 800,000 may not be true.  It seems it may be more like 3.6 million and not including parents and other relatives. Totaling around 11.4 million.  Now, that is a lot of illegals.  We really need to know a count.  The democrats need their votes and will do almost wnything to have them here in any way, shape or form.  3% of the DACA kids are bad ones.  pretty good percentage but means some 75,000 are free to roam around doing bad things and that is not good That means each state at any given time has around 15,000 bad people it does not need. 

six) Clinton Pay to Play

Tehy are reportedly working on the Clinton Foundation and claims of "Pay to Play".  They believe Clinto was the main person that got 20% of our Uranium sold to Russia.  The money trail all leads back to the Clinto Foundation.  It may be a while befor e all the data is in.  We just have to wait.  

seven) Dossier - Why it happened and how

During the repub primaries, Trump was tearing up the others running and one or more of them tried to dig up dirt and got the paper started thet is called a dossier.  when these fell out of the race, the Clintons, using the DMC jumped and paid more for it to be completed.  It was leaked and given out.  That gave Obama and his FBI faithful to get FISA Warrants to bug the Trump campaign in evry way possible.  The idea was to get him out of the way so Clinton could move into the whitehouse.  It would not have happened that way, but it was a dream and a need for Obama and Clinton so they could cover all the illegal stuff up.   It did let another Obama loyalist in the DOJ to appoint a special prosecuter to investigat the Trump and Russia connecions.  He chose Mueller who may be involved deeply in the Pay to Play mentioned above.  


 Immigration is very complex.  When most of our firt immigrants came over, it was on ships.  They paid their own way an got off the ship with a plan.  They were processed and turned out to fend for themselves.  Mostly they took the best job they could find, learned english and made a life in the new land.  We never got full of people and won't for a while.  Trump wants to go back to some of that now selectively.  We can take immigrants, but many are violent criminals and should not be allowed in.  Some are not wanting to conform to the peaceful american way of life.  We naturally have to be a bit more selective now than at any other time in history.

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