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Background Checks


How simple to get a background check on any Gun buyer. 

We already have 95% of it in place by way of the credit checking companies.

Entering by lenders cost $0  to submit and it should be the same with Police, Mental facilities, and other reporting entities.  

Based on a numeric point system based on reporting, age and citizenship status, it becomes easy.  I propose something like

 Up to 350 points gets nothing 351-500 = single shot rifles and shotguns.  501-700 = long rifles and long shotguns, 700-900 = pistols, long rifles, shotguns using ammo holding ammunition. 900+ can get anything. 

The rest needs congress to figure out, but:

Opinion is arrest takes 500 points away, ilegal alien takes 900 away, Mental tests can add or remove points, baker act = -650.  EX military/police/? and clean +300 and you figure out the rest

Time can add back points on a yearly basis at 100 points per year when no offenses are recorded.  

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