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In the world of business, When you take over a failing business, This is right out of the book!

The first priority is to create cash flow to be able to go forward.  
President Trump did that by lowering taxes, thereby creating jobs while bringing corporations back to help create more jobs. Stock markets have reached the highest levels ever.  People have more in their pockets than in a very long time.  

The second priority is to remove employees that are doing it wrong and refuse to be retrained and build a solid core of your own supporters.  
President Trump is still working on that one, but getting closer.   It is hard to remove some vested employees due to congress and federal rules. 

The third priorty is to remove, repair or replace any long running deals you predecessors have muffed up like Nafta, JCPOA, TPP, Paris Climate Accord and others.

Now, you can get down to business and use the power of you first 3 priorities like using the built up wealth against other countries/enemies instead of sending troops that the country(US Citizens) may hold dear.  Allows you to withdraw troops and help your people(us) have a happier and richer life for many years or until we elect another idiot Democrat President and/or congress to cause it all to fall apart. 

Once all is properly flowing, it is necessary to attack the national debt.   Begin paying back all the debt this country has built up.  That is possible with conservative budgets and keeping the economy strong.  And it can be done without raising taxes.  

We must not allow any of the democrat candidates get into office in 2020 or for many years! Vote out all democrats in office now and replace with republicans who have owned businesses before where possible.



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Monday, 13 July 2020
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