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Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube and others


Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube and others-> bad and good

All of them are protected by law from being sued for what users post on their platforms, so why should they worry about it?   The one area we can all agree on is physical attack provocation.  Planning attacks on anyone or any group should be a reason for censor and a report to authorities.  Verbal attacks on other users should also be cause for censoring.

Take Google:

They are first and foremost a search engine and we need that.  You put in a search word/phrase and they find the corresponding keywords on websites everywhere.  They will put the sites who paid them the most ahead of the ones who did not.  Google gets paid when someone clicks the URL of a paid site which may be from 10 cents or more per click.  You can actually bid for the top spots.  You still have to have the KEYWORD(s) on your website though.  Large companies generally win because they hire SEO(Search Engine Optimization) specialists to work on their websites. 
Example:  keyword on website is “conservative”.  Any site that has that keyword will most likely show up if you search for “conservative”.  Traffic on your site does have a bearing and many many other factors as well even when the keyword is placed in a page on the site it helps..  This is only a small and simple explanation. There is much more to it

Google should only get information about you or your site by what you give them in some way.  All search engines can and mostly do the same where they can.  Your IP address is the key for them to follow you to see your habits.  You can’t hide the IP address and it can show exactly where that is based.   

What Google is not supposed to do is share your personal data they get with others since that invades your privacy.

Take Face Book and Twitter:

There is no reason for fact checking since the poster is responsible for that.  Fact Checkers are usually more wrong than the poster since the poster generally actually heard, saw or was there for what is in the post.  If a fact check is done, the poster should have the ability to respond to that. Platforms are protected from legal responsibility for my/your posts/tweets by law.

Why do they persist in attacking posters and sites?  They may have been paid by money diverted to them by parties with something to gain or lose.  Think Political, Think big business, Think other.

This post will be scanned by almost all search engines within a week or two. A Democrat and  a Republican  will be able to find it simply by typing in either or both parties shortly after it is digested.

How to boycot platforms:

Do not click on any ads presented on their space.  Use a neutral browser.  Hide any ads that show up in your space.  They are irrelevant.  Never pay them any money for anything.  Once all is well, return to business as usual.



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Sunday, 01 August 2021
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