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Trump2020 and ControlCongress Candace2024

votetrump8 Vote 2020

"#allredcongress  #Trump2020  #Candace2024"

We need Trump, and we need all representatives, Senators and Local republicans running to be voted in!   

We need the senate stronger and we need control of the house to get all of this country back to sensible reasoning and to do the things we all need done in the future.  A Democrat controlled congress just ties Trump's hands!

Finish The Wall. Smart immigration
Keep our Taxes Down and all corporate taxes down(for more jobs),  
Keep us all Safe
Keep our guns and our 2nd ammendment that is part of the "Bill of Rights"
Keep Babies Safe including unborns.
Bring our troops Home!
Religious Freedom as currently written
Get Sharia Law forbidden

The reason for lowering the corporate tax!:  Other nations were a great deal less than the USA.  Most colllect just a bit higher rate than we do now, but they were lot lower rates before our newest tax rates and is why our corporations moved out of the USA and took their jobs with them. We need to keep corporations here and bring back the ones the Obama Administration let leave!

There is nothing FREE!  Somebody, somewhere has to pay for it.

Obama had absolutely nothing to do with our current economy and Democrats have fought all the Great Accomplisments at every turn!  #controlcongress 

We have to vote All Red in 2020 to save our country!


#allredcongress  #Trump2020  #Candace2024


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God, Help America breathe-By a Policeman


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Monday, 13 July 2020
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