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War Prediction


War is Predicted


War will return within 2 years from 01/20/2021. North Korean is the most logical since Kim Jong Un has NO respect or trust in Biden.

US prices will go up by 10% per year and then rise rapidly from there partially due to 15.00+ minimum wage

Property values will plummet by 50% over the first 3 years.

Fuel prices will triple within 1 year.

401K’s will fall in value by 25% in the first 6 months and then go down from there

Immigration will spiral out of control

Terrorists will infiltrate our country, creating havoc for our citizens, through immigration.

The Biden fortune will swell by factor of three within in 4 years.

Our enemies will not negotiate in faith with a Biden or Harris led government.

China’s economy will swell faster than ever, and new trade policies will cost us a trillion++ a year on average.

Iran will get nuclear weapons and will be able to deliver to our shores. 

New middle east war will break out and Israel, Iran and others will be involved.

Taxes will return to pre-Trump era and then go up from there.

Factories will be leaving for more friendly tax countries.

Unemployment will rise to unheard of levels even though we will never hear how bad it really is due to suppression of truth.

The second amendment will be attacked in a backdoor assault consisting of attacks on gunmakers and ammunitions factories.  If you can put them out of business, guns would be gone and the 2nd amendment becomes null and void.

Democrat fortunes will grow exponentially since gifts from congress come with a payback fee of 10% up to 25% meaning a $10million gift to something like abortions could get $2.5 million in contributions to democrats.

A summary past all this says the economy will be devastated in 2.5 years with business's closed or gone and people out of work to the point that even wellfare can no longer operate.  There is even the strong possibility we suffer through bankruptcy as a country.   The dim dem congress will try to blame everything on Trump and others, including the citizens. 



Bill of Rights and 2nd amendment-2nd amendment

Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube and others
Voting changes needed.


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Sunday, 01 August 2021
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