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Why do we need a minimum wage?


 This is about paying people according to the market or just paying them minimum.
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 This is about paying people according to the market or just paying them what ever.  

Why do we have minimum pay workers?
1.  Businesses use this to bring in new untrained workers who have no or few skills.
2.  They are not intended to stay at the position.  They are expected to learn, develop the needed skills and advance to better, higher paied positions.  Only the ones not willing to learn or are unable to do so are released.  
3.  Most minimum wage jobs are for the new to working young or getting back to work seniors.  They learn and develope then get promoted  or move on to better pay elsewhere. 

4.  Raising minimum wage destroys a lot of these entry positions which hurts all new workers and those just re-entering the work force.  MacDonalds and othrs are trying to drop employees in favor of robotics.  Robots last a long time and you always get the same result.  Walmart is adding do it yourself checkouts for the same reason. 


A better way?

When we have a robust economy and as many or more jobs than we have people to work, Employers have to pay more and give better benefits to just get people wanting to work.  With the rise in jobs available in this country, most employers have raised their pay scale to unheard of amounts and also added benefits.  Bank of America anounced a $20 per hour starting pay a while back and sevaral have gone to $12.00 per hour pay scale.  This is all due to Trump economics.  As soon as this virus scare is past, it will go higher still.  My first job, minimum was $.65 per hour, but I worked hard and was over $1.00 in a couple months. Of course that was in the 1960's.  

Most beginners out of school have no idea of what they need to know or what they have to do in a job.
We just need to keep our economy growing so our kids have a job and can make a decent wage. We do not need employers forced by government to go broke when they have difficulties paying their other bills.











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Sunday, 01 August 2021
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