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What has Biden really Done or not done?


Here is the Bad he has done so far!!!


1.  Shut our energy off that we run on by shutting oil & gas exploration and shut the oil companies down in this country on his first day - Wonder why gas is so high?  Pedo Joe planned it
2.  Named a new AG that follows his orders only
3.  Screwed up the withdrawl from Afghanistan.  Trump had it all laid out and Biden went against the military so he could do it his own way.  Bad mistake since he left Americans and our allies there to possibly die. 
4. Spent trillions of dollars that never should have been done.
5.  Printed more money than is sane which destroys value of dollar casusing bad inflation due to devaluing the dollar.  This and other has possibly pushed us into a recession or worse.  We may go into a depression due to his stupidity. 
6.  We are already involved in the Ukraine war.  We could be in a world war with just a slip by Biden, Pelosi or Schumer. 
7.  Opened our Borders to anybody that wnts to come here. 
So far Mexican, Cuban, African, South American, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Asian, others, not to mention all the bad drugs coming in from China.
5. fouled up the handling of covid 19 that I call the dem-chi virus.

6. Biden has rejoined W.H.O and is signing away our indepensence on the world stage.  

People who influence Joe or direct him:

Xi Jinping
Jill Biden
Chuck Schumer
His son the laptop guy
More bad people.


He has not acknowledged that a leak from the supreme court is not a good thing


Finally:  Pedo Joe Biden has never done anything good for this country in 50+ years and has done harm many times!!



If you would let me know of anything good, I will paste it here!

The bad things will soon fill the space below.  Understand much of this is caused by relying on work done by socalled "ELITE Democrats" and Beaurocrats that can't even be fired. 

  1. He has divided the nation with race and religion and even divided his own paty to the point that it is no longer funcional
  2. He has caused inflation beyond belief - Inflation is just another form of tax!
  3. Broke his promise to wipe out DimChi Virus(AKA Covid-19) and has made it worse
  4. Gas has doubled or more
  5. He has and IS paying off RUssia and China and they don't even trust him either.
  6. He is attacking our 2nd Amendment


War and more predictions


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Monday, 27 June 2022
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